Women’s Group

A space to get to know our bodies better, and recreate a bond between women that’s not based on competition, as we are taught they should be. Usually includes tea and snacks.

New! A skill or craft will be taught at (hopefully) each group.  ALSO, after May, Women’s Group will happen @ 5:30pm on the day of the Full Moon!

Contact: LIZZY (801) 243-1406

Location: The Temple of Doom (845 E. 700 S.)

So, why draw the line?  Aren’t all classes and events supposed to be non-discriminatory?  Yes, that is true, but we feel that there are some instances where gender, race, and/or other specific orientations (preferred or non-preferred) must be given their own recognition and importance, and therefore, nurtured through some calendar items (like Women’s Group) as a safe space that simply could not be created in an all-inclusive environment.  KnowwhatI’msayin?

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