Submitting a Class to the Calendar

So, you want to teach a class, host a discussion, or plan an event for the free skool?
Please add events to our calendar directly by following these steps:

  • enter in your event & contact infomation! — Now it is live on the digital calendar, yet may not show up for a while. :0
  • DON’T FORGET TO ADD CONTACT INFO FOR YOUR CLASS IN THE DESCRIPTION! Your class may not be printed if there isn’t contact infomation.

In an effort to be as self-sustaining and collectively run as possible Free Skool organizers do not add classes to the calendar for teachers but they can assist you or even walk you through it if you are having a hard time doing it yourself.

On the last Sunday of each month we print the next month’s calendar based on the classes/events that are on the google calendar at that time.


Suggestions for Teachers

Many Free Skool teachers are just regular people organizing classes or events for the first time. We know that can be intimidating but we are here to help. Thought IT IS THE TEACHER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO ADD THEIR CLASS TO THE CALENDAR, PLAN IT, AND ADVERTISE FOR IT, each month there are two main Free Skool organizers who are happy to speak or meet with new and experienced teachers alike to give advice and support. You can find their contact info on the home page of this WordPress, the printed calendar, or by e-mailing slcalwayslearning@gmail.com. The following are some of the tried and true suggestions for making your class a success (whatever that means!).

Planning Your Class or Event

  • Get involved first – Attend some classes or the monthly Free Skool Calendar Release Potluck; volunteer to help organize for the Free Skool or co-teach a class or workshop with more experienced teachers. in this way you can meet other Free Skoolers, see how things function, get ideas and make connections for teaching your own class.
  • Think about class date and time – Consider other community and calendar events when scheduling yours to avoid conflicts and maximize attendance. Ask friends, other Free Skoolers, or Free Skool organizers for advice on dates and times.
  • Plan your class with a friend, or two, or three! More teachers mean more support, contacts and therefore more people who will know about your class. And if no one shows up, you still have friends to hang with!
  • Choose a location – Some possibilities include your home, a park, a public library (you can even reserve a private room), a coffee shop, or the Boing! Anarchist Collective (speak to an organizer or someone at Boing! 801-364-2426 to schedule there). Most Free Skool locations are currently in the downtown.
  • Materials – If you buy materials for your class it is okay to ask attendees for voluntary donations or to bring a specific amount of money to cover the cost. Be very clear about that in your class description though.

Spreading the Word

  • Make flyers for your class – Give them to friends, pass them out at other Free Skool events, post them around town (coffee shops and the Boing! Anarchist Collective’s front door, are examples), share them via social media (we have a Facebook and Instagram account you can use). Remember to include a contact!
  • Send reminders – People are busy and sometimes a little forgetful, so reminders the day before or day of are often much appreciated and help with attendance. You can do this via social media or text message. Free Skool organizers can help by forwarding text messages to Free Skool regulars, just ask them.

Reflect and Share

  • Your experience could help in the future – Is there something that worked really well for you in planning or teaching a class? Something that didn’t work at all? Spend some time reflecting on  your experience, validate the positives, consider changes for next time and share ideas with other teachers and organizers to make Free Skool more vibrant and sustainable.