November Calendar!

The new month of fall offers grand food harvests, a chilly breeze, fallen multipigmented leaves, and a fresh free skool calendar.  Get your copy today at various locations around SLC (including the Boing! Infoshop 608 S. 500 E.) or download a digital version here on the site’s home page.  After many hours of collaboration and positive energy being put into this calendar, we hope you attend and enjoy the classes of the month!


Let us know if you’d like to get involved for November or December:


New Phase of the Free Skool

*yawn* *streeeeetch* *cough*


After a long hibernation the SLC Free Skool is awake and again ready to learn, educate, discuss, influence, create, edit, build, argue, ferment, draw, network, laugh, play, & grow.  The October calendar is under way as community members begin collaborating to bring you opportunities worth taking.  We love SLC.  We love the organisms around SLC.  We love the learning and enlightenment within SLC.  Let us begin Always Learning together and make fall of 2014 a grand season of our mortal and immortal histories.

Free Skool Crew (Bradley, Sage, & Candida)

Always Learning Free Skool on indefinite hiatus!

Hey everyone, 

As much as we love this project, we have found ourselves unable to continue to update this site with information about classes, produce design designs and content for a monthly calendar, or facilitate and teach classes. This has been the case for several months now, and I figured it was time to consider this project ‘in hibernation.’ 

If you want to have a Free Skool in SLC, feel free to contact us for help, or just start your own. We’d likely be willing to help out, and tell you what we have learned throughout the process of doing this for years. And we might pick this up again ourselves at some point.

Many of the classes we used to promote are still happening, so check out the respective websites, or speak with the contacts for any events or classes you are interested in.

We are still having figure drawing sessions at the ArtPit every 3rd tuesday of the month from 2-5pm, and we will probably have another tuesday session and a sunday session happening regularly soon. I am planning to be involved in a reading group of a book: The Spanish Civil War: Reaction, Revolution, and Revenge’ by Paul Preston ( also.

Please contact me if you have interest in either of these things or also if you are interested in starting up new groups or classes @ repliroid2    (at) yahoo   {dot} com


-Matt DelPorto