Sketch Sunday

Sketch Sunday is a day to work on creative projects. Visual art has  been our focus thus far, but that doesn’t have to be the case: bring any crafts, music, writing, or other creative endeavors.  Bring things you would like to share and/or get feedback on: impromptu poetry reading, performances, story telling, other visual art, or anything else.  This event is in its infancy, so it can take almost any direction based on the will and needs of participants. We have two workshops planned over the next two months: screen-printing, and ink-making.

-Screen printing: make a transparency, expose it to a screen, and screen-print posters, art-prints, propaganda, shirts, etc. Some supplies will be provided, this is an ongoing project, so please call ahead to inquire about your needs and interests, and the availability of instruction and supplies.

-Ink-making: ( DATE)we will be making black ink out of simple materials: oak galls, gum Arabic, and iron sulfide. Bring a container if you would like to take ink home with you.

Every Sunday, starting at 1 pm

Location: Boing! (608 S. 500 E.)

Contact: SYD (801) 364-2426 or

Matt DP: 801-856-0535 or

Check out our website: