Come learn the basics of parkour: a utilitarian discipline based upon the direct, successful, swift traversing of one’s surrounding environment, based around the concept of self-preservation; and freerunning: a form of urban acrobatics in which participant use the city and rural landscape to perform movements through its structures. If you have never done this before or would like to just see what it’s about you are welcome. If you are experienced and want people to play with, you are also welcome.

Contact: AIREQUE [air-ic] (801) 364-2426

Meeting Location: Amphitheater outside the Main Library (210 E. 400s.)

14 thoughts on “Parkour

    1. Yes: 9pm on june 9th & 23rd and july 14th and 28th. Meet at the main library amphitheater downtown. questions and concerns call ERIC @ 801-364-2462 (Boing! house’s number). Sorry it took so long to get back to you!

  1. Hi – Belgian parkour dude in SLC area for work, from June 29 until July 9. I googled “parkour SLC” and came to this page. I’m here for the long weekend am looking for some good spots to do precision training (including kong-precs). Any suggestions? Are there any gyms around here where you can freely use material? If there are events or trainings scheduled for this weekend (I don’t think so when reading the above) pls. lemme know. If you come to Belgium ping me 😉

    1. Try Eric at Boing house, he’s the person who teaches our parkour class and knows good spots. Call the Boing! House phone (leave a message if he isn’t around) 801-364-2462. Im sure he will be down to help you out and maybe even show you around.

  2. Hey always been a huge fan of parkour/free running but live in like the flattest state in the south (Mississippi T.T) I’ve trained a little but would really like some lessons and such, Start date at Nuemont University is Oct. 10Th, any classes you know of that could fit my 8-4 schedule?

  3. Hi Daniel, There are not currently any parkour classes scheduled on our calendar. All of the classes on the calendar are FREE and they are open to ALL AGES. If you click on the “calendar” tab, you will see all the current classes. Hope to see you soon. -Rob and Matt of Always Learning Free School

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