Free School Planning Party

Would you like to be involved in planning next period’s Free School Calendar? If so, come out and meet the folks who get their hands dirty with it. You can contribute by helping design the calendar itself, lending a hand with distribution, suggesting classes, or just being there in support of what’s happening! Socializing is a nice by-product of the meeting too.

Come help plan the august-september Always Learning calendar! Bring food to share while we work and discuss, as well as any ideas, people, & plans for this next period. We will be deliberating people to help with layout, art, distribution, printing, teaching and all the other nuts and bolts of the Free School. We will plan days, times, places and events for the upcoming months.  

Contact : MATT DP (801) 856-0535

Location : Free Speech Zone  (411 s 800 e ) @  3:00 

Contact : JAMES (801) 574-6242

Location : The Temple of Doom (845 E. 700 S.)