Dumpster-Diving Expedition

Ever been curious about it? Maybe too embarrassed to admit it? Or are you just into finding new ways to eat for free? Come and meet awesome, regular ol’ peeps that know the ins and outs of the greatest free food resources in SLC. Take a tour of hidden treasures down dark alleys. Please dress weather-accordingly, in clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Weather conditions and bike problems can interfere with our willingness to make the journey, but PLEASE call ahead if it seems questionable that we’ll be going!

Please RSVP to this event. Riding a bike is recommended. Clandestinity appreciated!

Contact: MATT DP (801) 856-0535

Meeting Location: SE corner of liberty park (off of 700e and 1300 s)

8 thoughts on “Dumpster-Diving Expedition

    1. Yes we do. The next one is this thursday at 11pm. Check out the calendar for details or call Justin (who is leading the expedition this thursday). 801 809 5596 -Rob

    1. Hi! the next dumpster diving expedition is on Wednesday January 23 at 10pm. For all current classes and times see the calendar by clicking on the calendar tab. Don’t forget to let Matt know if you are planning on attending that event (his contact info on the calendar also). Enjoy! -Rob

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