Hey everyone. This is the new calendar… well the calendar that started in february. Sorry it took so long to get up. Zoom up on it to see the dates and time closer.

Also all of the information on specific locations and class sumaries are available below in a downloadable format or as a big ass block o text posted below!

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Intro to Yoga: This is a free community class: it is beginner-friendly, come-one-come-all, flowing yoga. Come try it out with a kind and experienced teacher. Contact: ERIN:801-410-4639 Location: Avenues Yoga (68 K street)
Figure Drawing: Come experience some real-life figure drawing without the tuition! These are free, community classes, meaning that modeling time is often shared between participants: nude, clothed or anywhere in-between is fine! This class is a maintained safe space: anyone being disrespectful or ‘body-negative’ will be asked to leave. Reporting and discussing any problems related to these topics are encouraged. Drawing instruction and assistance with techniques will be available. All skill levels are welcome. Models are wanted for upcoming months. At 6:30 we usually lay all of our drawings out and have discussion and critique (participation is optional) to help us hone our skills. The facilitators for each class are listed below
Contact: MATT DP: 801-856-0535, Location: Free Speech Zone (411s 800e)
Another Figure Drawing Class: We have a consistent model of this class, so unlike the other- we will not need volunteers! Come draw! Contact: MATT DP, Location ART PIT: 317E Sherman Ave (one street S. of 1300S)
Bike Mechanics Workshop: For those of you who are interested in improving your wrenching skills, we offer FREE instruction Volunteer Night at the Community Bike Shop. Each week we will pick a different chapter. We know that practice makes perfect, which is why we have plenty of bikes that don’t belong to anyone ready to be your learning tool. We will be using the textbook, Park Tool’s Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair. Please bring paper and pen or pencil to write notes.  While it would be beneficial to attend all the lessons, feel free to pick and choose since each class topic is taught independently of the others.  Sometimes lessons will change from the calendar posting so check the website! February 6th @ 6pm sharp: Wheel Truing March 12th @ 6pm sharp: Shifting Systems Part 2, March 19th @ 6pm sharp: Rim Caliper Brake Systems, March 26th @ 6pm sharp: Disc Caliper Brake Systems.
Contact: JACE: 801-867-5489 or, Location: SLC Bike Collective, 2312 S. West Temple
DiverseCity Writing Series: Join one of our on-going writing groups throughout the Salt Lake metropolitan area. Find inspiration through feedback and writing prompts in open-interest or specialized groups. Gay Writes Writing Group: 2nd & 4th Mondays 6:30 – 8 pm, Palinca Writing Group: 1st & 3rd Thursdays 6:30 – 8:00 pm, Contact: CWC (Community Writing Center):  801.957.2192 Location: SLCC Community Writing Center (210 East 400 South, Suite 8) Activist Discussion Group:  Want to engage with other people, test out your ideas and hear others’ ideas in focused discussions led by a passionate veteran of activist discussion groups?  Ashley Sanders invites you to break out of your shell and get together with other action-oriented people.  She hosts a weekly discussion group on various topics every Tuesday at 7:30 at 169 East 1st Ave, #44–the Hillcrest Apartments. She also hosts discussions on important books and she is about to open a Move to Amend chapter here in SLC. Every two weeks she hosts ‘The Tribe’ where people gather to learn survival and other traditional skills as well as doing big-group adventures of all kinds. For discussion topics, times, and locations, email her ( and let her know that you are interested or just show up on a random Tuesday night!
Contact: ASHLEY: Location:  _______
Skill-Shares @ Boing!: These will be demonstrative workshops open for attendance by any & all. All-inclusive participation is encouraged and if you have any experiences or expertise in any subject we are teaching about- please bring your insight. Also: if you have ideas for future skill share workshops, let us know!
March 23rd: Pro-biotics and Fermentation: We will cover kombucha, rejuvilac, and sauerkraut (vegetable fermentation). Please bring any vegetables. Bring a jar if you want a free Kombucha culture.  Taught by MATT DP. Contact: JULIE: 801-654-9314, Location: BOING! 608 s. 500e.
Squatting 101: Come learn the basics of adverse possession! This entails the process of occupying and refurbishing abandoned buildings for our use! We will be speaking with an experienced squatter, so please bring questions and information to contribute to the discussion! Contact: MATT DP: 801-856-0535 or, Location:  ART PIT: 317e  Sherman Ave (one street south of 1300s)
Plant Medicine Discussion: This class will be in a discussion–group format. The first class we will go over some intro material and then we will break into discussion of how we want to format our class, and define some learning objectives. A goal of mine is to gain insight into 2 plants every week by bringing our individual research together and discussing findings. Both novices and veterans are encouraged to come! Plants of study ofr work outside of class will be selected every meeting and we will bring findings to our next class. We intend to have demonstrations, medicine crafting, and plant walks in collaboration with our discussions Contact: MATT DP: 801-856-0535 or, Location:  ART PIT: 317E Sherman Ave (one street S. of 1300S)
Tribal Gatherings: At tribal gatherings we develop self-sufficiency and community-related skills and do activities that require a large number of people. We’ll do activities like: weaving shoes from native yucca fibers, acro-yoga, moss graffiti, over-night camping in under-ground structures, human-sized bubbles, guerrilla gardening, Andy Goldsworthy-type installations, survivor games, harvesting yeast and making bread…etc. etc. Location: Blu House (427 S. University St.), Contact: BRADLEY 435-830-4933
Free School Planning Meeting: We are now having open meetings on a bi-weekly basis. Come by if you are a  looking to put together or promote a class or event; if you would like to learn more about Always Learning and the resources we might provide each other; to help us network organize ourselves, or for any other communications or relations you would like to establish. Contact: 801-436-7566 or, or MATT DP: 801-856-0535 or Location: Blu House: 427s university street.
FNB (Food Not Bombs): Come get free food!  Bring any abundances of food you have to share and distribute. No strings attached! Contact: Boing! (801) 364-2462 Location: RICHMOND PARK (450 E. 600 S.)
Vegan Café: Delightful, cheap vegan food, open mic, nice people, and festivities. Bring friends! Funds go towards Boing’s radical lending library and other community projects. Cafes are the 2nd and 4th Saturdays every month (+ October 1st) from 7pm-10pm Location: Boing! Collective: 608 s. 500e. Contact: BOING! (801) 364-2462
Vegan Drinks and Potluck: is a monthly social networking event. We aim to bring together diverse people and vegans of all stripes to build new coalitions and promote networking. We’re here for newbies and oldies. All we expect is friendly folks with interest in animal rights, veganism and the pursuit of after-work fun. Talk up the organization and the work you’re involved in, your vegan and AR interests, your dream job for animals, your blog, etc., etc.  Sip a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic, we don’t care!) and relax with like-minded folks. What to bring? Food for the potluck, business cards, and pamphlets promoting your organization. No Cover. 21+. Contact: W LOUNGE: (801) 359-0637 Location: W LOUNGE: 358 S West Temple (Behind Mo’s)  
Prisoner Letter Writing Night: This event is being hosted by the Salt Lake Anarchist Black Cross and happens the third Wednesday of every month. The SLABC provides a list of political prisoners that people can send letters to. Sending letters can help provide support and comfort for those who are behind bars for fighting on the front lines of economic, ecological, political, and other injustices in the world. SLABC’s letter writing can also be a place you can come and spend time writing letters to loved ones you may have that are in prison.” Contact: KRISTEN 801-623-0128 Location: Boing! Collective: 608 s. 500e.
Radical Films Night Radical: rad•i•cal  adjective: A change or action relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough. Example: a radical overhaul of existing political systems. Come watch and discuss rad films! Contact: JULIE: 1-801-654-9314 Location: BOING! 608 s. 500e.
Side Street Art Show and BBQ:  A backyard art show & BBQ. Participating artists including Trent Call, Skyler Chubak, Jacob Barta, Amanda Foste, Gailan Justice, Mike Murdoch Trek Chubak, Lindsey Howard, Kristen Lambert, Izzy, and Jake. So what id Contact JACOB: 801-657-1412  SKYLER: 801-413-9820 Location: 346s 800e
Anthropology Movie Night: An exposition to a variety of films from around the world. Prior to each film, a visit to related museum artworks will set the stage for the discussion of the film by an anthropologist with expertise in the world region. The Museum tours will start at 5:30 pm and each film will begin at 6 pm. The program will conclude with a post-film discussion. Location: Utah Museum of Fine Arts (410 Campus Center Drive) Contact: BRADLEY 435-830-4933
Social Soup: The Social Soup is a monthly reflection on the social, economic, and environmental issues surrounding food. FREE vegetarian sop with fresh ingredients from the University of Utah’s Edible Campus Garden. Location: College of Social Work Community Meeting Room 155 (at UofU) Contact: BRADLEY 435-830-4933   For all following bike events- contact: TOM MILAR @ ‪‪.  or visit the Saltcycle website: ‬‬. 
Critical Mass A monthly event that takes place all over the world where cyclists take over the streets. There is no structured leadership for this event, therefore no one specific purpose or agenda can be assigned to Critical Mass. Location: Gallivan Center (50 E 200 S)
999 ride A casual bicycle ride around town. Location: 9th S. and 9th East
SaltCycle group rides: A fast-paced, professional bike ride. Recommended for advanced and highly intermediate riders. A good time to learn from some pros. Location: SE corner of Liberty Park
Love Your Body (LYB): Contact: DR. REEL 801-581-3481 MON: Chocolate and Olive Oil Tasting Location: Liberty Heights Fresh (1290 S. 1100 E.) TUE: Organic Farming and Tasting 101 Organic Farming and Tasting 101 by Bell Organic Farms. Ask questions about organic farming in an informal setting. Location: Annex Building, Room 2146 (UofU) WED (10-11 AM): Nurture Your Body the Natural Way Respect your health through “winter mindful eating”, indoor gardening ideas, “organic-on-a-budget”, and balancing healthy eating with pleasure cuisine. Informal discussion and demonstration followed by questions and answers. Location: Student Union Building, Saltair Room (UofU) WED (12-1:15 PM): Keynote Presenter “Size-related Stigma” Love Your Body Week Keynote Presenter – “Weight Bias and Promoting Physical Activity” by Dr. Christy Greenleaf, Associate Professor at the University of North Texas. Location: Student Union Building, Saltair Room (UofU)