New Calendar Out Now / Website Under Construction…

We are working with a larger team now and I (Matt) hope to have better web presence in the future. We hope to expand the utility of this website and be a better resource to everyone, trying to respond to requests and needs of the Salt Lake community.

The printed calendar is out now for February and March and classes and events are happening. We will be updating the information on here over the next little while and will be trying to post an image of our beautiful new calendar on here as soon as we have the files together. Until that happens, feel free to contact us with any questions: 801-436-7566 or

Also there are a few mistakes on the calendar. The dates for the Dumpster Diving Expedition (the 9th of February, and 8th of March) are correct, but we forgot to include the blurb on the back. Plant Medicine Discussion Group will not be on the 22nd of Feburary, but rather on the 1st and 22nd of March. The library will not be repeating the film “Another Earth” every Tuesday in March despite what the printed calendar says. As far as I know it will only play on the 14th of February.

Expedition will be a tour around town to- various sources of delectable waste- that I will guide. We had an amazing expedition on the 9th where we all went home with more organic produce, cookies, pizza, bourgeois cheese (freegan but not vegan), and fresh squeezed orange juice than could fit in our fridges. We had a jolly crew, some of whom wet their lips with the offerings of the dumpster for the first time on that occasion {and wet their shoes with  the stuff that accumulates on the bottom of the bins too 🙂 }. Many plan to return for our expedition on march 9th, where we are planning to explore the downtown area with the possibility of a beer dumpster.

There will be a punk show at Boing! house (608s, 500e) tonight (Sunday February 12th)  at 6:30. There will be a lecture about occupying public spaces; in the context of the Occupy Wall Street demonstration and all the occupations and communes that have sprung up as a result.  This lecture will be at the University of Utah at the OSH Caucus Room 255 this Wednesday, February 15th at 1:15-2:30, and a Radical Film Night at Boing! house on Friday the 17th.

Other great classes to come.