Radical Herbalism Workshop!

We had a phenomenal Herbalism workshop on august 5th at noon. Claudia and Megan (from california) are touring the country doing workshops. They taught us all about the timeline of herbal medicine and its relation to oppression and the sticky situation we find ourselves in now with that whole industrial civilization mess that is part of most moments of our lives. They also made a topical salve for cuts, burns, infections, or and other applications, right in front of us, and entirely out plants that grow locally.
For more info about these healers including recipies and travelog of their jouirney, go to http://www.rootmedicine.org.
The workshop was well attended and well structured, and took place at Boing! house. We want to organize more events like this one, so touring teachers and local folks, please give a shout out if you have any ideas or propostions. And check out these pics!