‘Summer Break’ and apologies

Hey folks,
We are on summer break for the month of may, but there will be a planning meeting the june/july calendar this thursday, may 12th at 3:00 at Free Speech Zone (800e, 408 s.). Bring any ideas, we will be talking about classes, events and schedule for the upcoming session; taking up distribution of calendars; and generally talking about the way the free school is run and how we can expand and improve it. Bring food and friends, and call with any questions: 801-856-0535 (ask for Matt).
Secondly, part of the reason for our short summer break is a shift in coordinating responsibilities. James may still be our resident web manager, but Matt DP is now the person to call or email with general inquiries: 801-856-0535, repliroid2@yahoo.com.
Please let us any where James info is still listed as general coordinator, as Matt is still learning to use the website functions.
As such, editing and updates are a little behind schedule, and classes are still listed as going on this month. Contact individual teachers in regards to whether or not classes are occurring. Food Not Bombs will be happening regardless of AL’s schedule, and so will Yoga I believe.
Hope to see y’all at classes in june!
-Always Learning coordinators