Would you like to help plan the next calendar?

Hey everyone!

I want to let you know that I am organizing a meeting where anyone who wants to, especially including you, can get together and plan out the next period’s calendar! The next period will be the January and February 2011 calendar.
Things that will be included in this planning are as follows, but not limited to these things:

Class topics and their subject matter (What do you have an interest in seeing on the calendar? Or what do you have an interest in at all? Maybe we can make it a class…)
Available locations for classes/events, and where to hold each one
The calendar’s artwork and layout
Where to be distributing the calendar
Free School WEBSITE

And it’d be a good excuse to all get together and meet one another, have some refreshments and enjoy each other’s company.
The tentative date for this meeting is
Thursday, DECEMBER 9th,
The Temple of Doom (845 E. 700 S.)
7 PM

Please let me know if you would like to come. If Dec. 9th is not a good day for you to attend, we can maybe work out another date. It’s obviously not too late to think about doing that.
If there’s no qualms, email me at jamesmiska9@yahoo.com or just show up! And please try to be there at 7 so we can really get our discussion going all together.
Thank you for reading, for your interest, and for anything you can do to help this project along.
-James Miska