Vegan Cafes, not Bombs. And COMPOSTING TOMORROW!

I love Saturdays. Free food, as always, is to be had at RICHMOND PARK 450 E. 600 S. at 11 am, from Food Not Bombs (FNB) and then after that food has been consumed and processed and benefited from, we can all enjoy the company of great folks all gathering for the same purpose, of HAVING FUN! @ the Vegan Café @ Boing! 608 S. 500 E. beginning at 7 pm. Throw down a little cash to cover food costs if you can, for not all the food that gets served is free for those making it. See you there!

And don’t forget, tomorrow:

Composting and Microbial Matters: Let’s Talk Trash! The Salty Palace (744 East 500 South)