Free Food and Crafting, such a lovely combination…


Salt Lake City’s humble chapter of Food Not Bombs is proud to present FREE FOOD BEING GIVEN AWAY, with no catch whatsoever. Just show up to RICHMOND PARK (450 E. 600 S.) at 11 AM and take what you want (bring a bag, because there’s usually a lot).

Then later, enjoy the company of glove-knitters, hat-crocheters, letter-writers, scarf-embroiderers, book-makers, knot-tiers, and word-maker-uppers at the Boing House at 6 pm for Craft Night, the weekly jamboree. Maybe there will be snacks? Maybe you could even bring some to share with others, and be shared with? Only you shall see… @ Boing! 608 S. 500 E. 6pm