And the Dudes get their time as well (but only after Yoga)

Yes, Free YOGA! is happening on Wednesdays, still at 9 am, and at The Temple of Doom (845 E. 700 s.) from now on until the end of January. Our beloved Flavia will be gone for a while, and the newly loved Jennica will be instructing us instead! So though it’s just gonna be once a week for a while, it will be no less pleasant.

And then later, the Men’s group, Men’s-day Nights will be meeting, also at The Temple of Doom at 6:30 pm, and you don’t want to miss out on what the fellas have to speak about, unless you are not a fella, of course. Sorry ladies, the guys must have their alone time too.

Again, why draw the line? Aren’t all classes and events supposed to be non-discriminatory? Yes, that is true, but we feel that there are some instances where gender, race, and other specific orientations (preferred or non-preferred) must be given their own recognition and importance, and nurtured in a safe space that simply could not be created in an all-inclusive environment. KnowwhatI’msayin?

And to round out the evening, Parkour group will be getting together at the Gallivan Center to practice fluidity of movement! Go through, around, and over solid objects, WITH STYLE! at 9pm!