…and tonight…

cupofteaWomen’s Group @ 5:30pm

A space to get to know our bodies better, and recreate a bond between women that’s not based on competition, as we are taught they should be. Usually includes tea and snacks.

Contact: LIZZY (801) 243-1406

Location: Xupait (416 E. 600 S.)

contra_poussezContra Dancing @ 6:30pm

Incredibly fun old-world group dancing. The more people the better. More info at  www.utahcontra.org


Unitarian Church – 569 S. 1300 E.

$ This event costs a little $ (like 5 or 6 dollars)

Vegan Cafe @ Boing!


Including delightful food, open mic, nice folks, and hella fun!

9 pm- Midnight


Boing! 608 S. 500 E.      (801) 364-2426